Who We Are

Voice Print (VP) is a Woman/Disability-Owned Business, established in 1995.  Terry Tumolillo is Founder, President, and CEO of VP, which is not only the first business of its kind to open in the region, but also the first to offer the specialized training for court reporters to become Communication Access Realtime Specialists.  Terry is a trailblazer in the reporting profession with over 24 years’ experience.

VP opened its doors specifically to empower people – especially children—particularly under-privileged or under-served children—who need access to communications the most.

There are too many people who need access, yet go without.  Unless Realtime Services are specifically asked for by name, they are not provided.  And for children, only those who are lucky enough to have parents fighting for their needs, are afforded the accommodation.  Sadly, there are many children who go without when they’re entitled by law to have an assistive technology accommodation.  

VP is dedicated to empowering all people, breaking down barriers, and fostering inclusion by bringing awareness to the many “hidden” benefits of CART for ALL people.  CART is not just for those who require an accommodation by law.  If Realtime Communication Access Services were offered in more than just the usual places (i.e. a classroom, a hospital room, or a courtroom), they would be a built-in accommodation for those people with barriers – cultural or otherwise – who need access to vital, daily communications the most AND they wouldn’t have to ASK to be included. Everyone would have equal access to all information.  Help us to more this idea forward by profiding Realtime access to all of your events’ communications.  Provide equal access to ALL people ALL the time because it’s the right thing to do.  Don’t wait to be asked; because many people just won’t ask.  Read why this is so on the”FACTS” tab.

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Others who go without access either don’t know about it in order to ask for it, or choose not to ask for a host of reasons. 

VP pioneered CART in this region by spending years educating, advocating and demonstrating the Communication Access Realtime Technology.  When Realtime access finally caught on enough to pay the bills, we discontinued providing traditional Court Reporting services to the legal community.  We specialize in Realtime Communication Access Support Services specifically to provide enhanced communications to ALL people.  It’s the only thing we concentrate on.  It’s all we do.

The history of these types of services have been (and sadly, still are) sorely lacking in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  Voice Print was established to fill this void and has grown significantly since that time.

Terry received her educational background in traditional Court Reporting and attained the additional training required to make a transition from traditional reporting, to the much-needed area of Realtime Communication Access Services for those who need access support services.  Terry has been teaching and training working reporters and reporting students since 1995, in both legal and communication access reporting services.  In 1996, she graduated from the JEVS – Jewish Educational and Vocational Services’ Court Reporting Institute, already having established Voice Print, LLC, before graduation.  In 2001, JEVS’ Strictly Business committee, awarded Terry with their “inspiration” award. Terry leads the way with communication access and is now leading captioning into places where access does not exist. 

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Terry is a trailblazer in Communication Access Realtime Technology.  She started on her path to Realtime access in 1991 so has over 23 years’ experience as a firm owner, an instructor of traditional Court Reporting, and as an instructor in the specialized field of Realtime Communication Access Reporting.  She also has two adult children in their thirties.

Terry has a disability called Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), which is sometimes referred to as Dyslexia of the ears.  It’s what the brain does (or doesn’t do) with what the ears hear.  The disability imposes the personal need for her to access communications in Realtime. For Terry, the accommodation is used to capture what’s said now, so she can revisit what was said later in the emailed transcript.

Aha! You’re probably thinking, “That must be why she became a specialist in Communication Access Realtime Translation.” 

“Nope.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know I had an APD until extensive testing last year, mid- 2013.  Like most people, I seem to be very good recognizing solutions for others, but poor at recognizing the same for myself.  In court reporting school, I immediately became drawn to figuring out how I could use the training I was getting for communication access instead of for lawyers and judges.  I never realized why I NEEDED to create communication access for people.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Actually, my growing up with two sisters who both had many disabilities, including, but not limited to, Down’s Syndrome, communication disorders, and barriers-- this is what really first sparked my interest in helping people to be and feel included.  I do my absolute best to level the playing field for those who need access to communications the most.  My intimate understanding and knowledge of the impact disabilities and barriers has on learning, family, and social life, lead me to the best career on the planet!”

See the “COURT REPORTING” tab for more about training:                                                                      
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) tailored to your specific needs

  • Working reporters, current or former students

  • All others welcome!