CART: Communication Access Realtime Translation

CART is a Realtime text service that turns spoken words instantly to written words for individuals (or groups) that desire or require access. 

Our highly-skilled and specially-trained Court Reporters -- whether live or in a remote location -- capture spoken words by instantly translating them into streaming Realtime text, while simultaneously creating a digital transcript that’s emailed -- documenting in perpetuity.

We are dedicated on bringing awareness to the many “hidden” benefits that Realtime technology affords ALL people. 

Capturing the spoken word at all types of events – business meetings, brainstorming/roundtable discussions, focus groups, seminars, lectures, Q & A sessions, interviews, poetry readings, town meetings, (the possibilities are endless!) – not only fosters inclusion and keeps your event in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but it increases the competitive offerings of your business while enhancing your outreach to multicultural audiences by providing improved communication to everyone. 

The emailed transcript allows everyone in attendance to really focus their attention on what’s being said (increasing comprehension and memory) without the worry of having to take notes and potentially missing important content matter. 

If Realtime access were offered in more places for everyone—then everyone, including those who may have communication/cultural barriers, diagnosed or undiagnosed disabilities, would have built-in access without needing to ASK for inclusion!  If Realtime Technology was utilized to benefit ALL children in ALL learning environments, then ALL children (especially those who do not have parents fighting for their access needs) would also benefit from the technology.

Seeing or capturing what’s said, significantly enhances and improves sight vocabulary, reading comprehension, vocabulary reinforcement, and increases motivation for better acquisition of spoken English-- especially helpful for ESL students learning English as a Second Language.  Realtime Access engages all types of learners – especially visual learners.